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I have an app.exe. I would like this app.exe to "grab" a needsettingschanged.dll file ( created with C# VS2012 ) on a specific drive and change it´s settings. I am referring to the settings from my project > properties > settings in VS2012 ( C# ). Is this completely nonsense or possible?

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You will have to modify the Needsettingschanged.dll.config manually via XML methods as you wont be able to access the settings via Needsettingschanged.Properties.Settings.Default.SettingName from another exe.

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Thanks. Thing is there is no Needsettingschanged.dll.config, unless you are referring to some embedded resource I´m not aware of. All I got is the bare dll file, so as I read this I need to load the dll and expose an interface for writing to the Needsettingschanged.Propeties.Settings.Default.SettingName.. –  noontz Feb 26 '13 at 20:23

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