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I'm writting a Rails 3.2 application and as authentication I want to use Net::LDAP to connect to the company MS ADDS. I can authenticate a user with Net::LDAP. The problem is that my users exists in different OU's so I would like to do a "contextless" login. Not sure if it is called contextless in the Microsoft world. I come from a Novell background.

What I meen is to not have to give the FQDN, just the sAMAccountName and password. The :base options seems to lock me in that context and expects the users to exist in that OU alone.

Do I have to bind with a user first(FQDN) then do a filter search or what? Any suggesions are welcome.

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OK ... I found my answer out there on the net. Thought I would share the answer with you all if it will help someone. Found this wonderful blog post by Ernie Miller from 2008 and it seems to still be valid information. Check it out if you need to.

Best regards //Roger

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