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I'm using Mandrill's Ruby API Gem and have the follow simple template for testing:


        <h1 mc:edit="header">testastic</h1>
        <div mc:edit="main_section"></div>
        <div mc:edit="footer"></div>

Following the example on Heroku's guide I have the follow Ruby code:

require 'mandrill'
  m =
  rendered = m.templates.render 'test-template', [{:header => 'some header text', :main_section => 'The main content block', :footer => '<h3>asdf</h3>'}]

  mail(:to => "Jayson Lane <>", :subject => "Test Email") do |format|
       format.html { rendered['html'] }
       #format.text { render "test" }

This works great and the email sends my template just fine, however, it doesn't replace the template mc:edit variables. Am I missing something?

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You need to construct a hash for each element you're trying to replace. For instance, I have this inside of a template:

   <h3 mc:edit="plan_info_name"> </h3>
   <span mc:edit="plan_info_description"> </span>
   <span mc:edit="plan_info_benefits"> </span>

And this on the mailer:

     :name => 'plan_info_name',
     :content => extra[:membership_info].name
     :name => 'plan_info_description',
     :content => extra[:membership_info].long_description   
     :name => 'plan_info_benefits',
     :content => benefits_list 
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awesome! thanks! –  Jayson Lane Feb 26 '13 at 19:14

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