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Do you know any library that can deal with parameters and configuration files in a user friendly way (GUI)?

I've taken a look at ConfigParser from python. And the ROS guys did a cool job with the dynamic reconfigure, and there's always XML.

The code that's going to read the files later on will be either Java or C++. Portability is also a requirement.

I required though a GUI to create/edit those config files and parameter files, as non-coders will use it. The parameters are going to be strings, doubles, integers,... nothing fancy.

Reconfiguring at runtime would be cool, at the moment it would be ok without.

I was thinking on developing some simple GUI based on the python configparser, but I certainly don't want to reinvent the wheel.

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Try YAML...

It is better than XML and you can define the way it should look... and there is cross platform, cross language support...

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