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What I usually do is:


but I want to add another transformation to the html before attaching it to the response.

How can I get the rendered HTML then modify it and send it over via res.send()

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If you are using Express3. There is an additional (and optional) parameter to res.render() that is a callback that will give you the rendered HTML rather than sending it directly to the client.

res.render('myJadeTemplate', function (err, html) {
    // html => rendered HTML from jade template
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Ok I found a solution:

    var jade = require('jade');
var fs = require('fs');

var jadetemplate = jade.compile(fs.readFileSync('code.jade', 'utf8'));

var html = jadetemplate({
 params:"{Some parames}"


Thanks for this thread Node says Jade has no method "renderFile", why?

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