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Well, the title explains it well...

I'm using OCI to explore a Oracle database in PHP.

The trouble is that the database is case sensitive, so... when I execute a sentence like

SELECT COUNT(username) count, username FROM transactions WHERE username IS NOT NULL GROUP BY username

returns an array like this

31    EMG_cotora
123   emg_cotora

This because the database is case sensitive, so... How do I force case insensitive without modifying the database? (I haven't write permission)

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I assume that in your actual query you have a GROUP BY clause. You would just need to group by the UPPER(username)

SELECT upper(username), count(*) cnt
  FROM transactions
 GROUP BY upper(username)

You could also, of course, SELECT and GROUP BY lower(username) or initcap(username) or any other function that converts the different username values into a single value.

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Your assumption is right, and your answer perfect. I've modified the question in order to make it more explicit, Thanks you! – Hacktivista Feb 26 '13 at 18:11
(As a note: indexing on upper(username) will speed up the query if you're performing it often) – cwallenpoole Feb 26 '13 at 18:11

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