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Looking to reference a Data Grid view on another Tab that is create by code.

I want to populate the combo box with the columns of the data grid view that is in the currently selected tab. Right now i can only get the combo box to populate with the last file loaded by the user, not w/e tab is selected.

Dim mstrFirstFile As String = ""
Dim mstrFileName As String = ""
Dim mdstTableInput As New DataSet
Dim mintCounter As Integer
Dim mdgvTab As DataGridView

Public Function CreateNewDGVInsideNewPageTab() As DataGridView
    Dim tbpNewTab As New TabPage()
    tbpNewTab.Text = mstrFileName

    Dim mdgvTabControl As New DataGridView
    mdgvTabControl.Dock = DockStyle.Fill
    mdgvTabControl.Name = ("Grid" + ToString(mintCounter))

    tbcsource.SelectedTab = tbpNewTab
    Return mdgvTabControl
End Function

Private Sub generate()

    Dim objCLSConverter As New DataTier.clsCSVConverter
    Dim strNewXMLPath As String = ""
    Dim xmlFile As XmlReader

    If mstrFirstFile.Length > 1 Then

        strNewXMLPath = objCLSConverter.writeXML(mstrFirstFile)

        xmlFile = XmlReader.Create(strNewXMLPath, New XmlReaderSettings())

        Dim dsTemp As DataSet = New DataSet
        Dim dtTable As DataTable = Nothing

        dtTable = dsTemp.Tables(0).Copy
        dtTable.TableName = mintCounter

        mdgvTab = CreateNewDGVInsideNewPageTab()

        mdgvTab.DataSource = mdstTableInput.Tables(mintCounter)

        mintCounter = (mintCounter + 1)



    End If
End Sub

Any help or if you need more of my code let me know.

The program takes any .csv or .xls file a user adds and tosses it into dataset. It adds these files onto a new code generated Tab with a data grid view inside that has the file loaded into it.

When a tab is selected a combo box will be populated with all the column names of that tabs data grid view, you can select any of the tabs and it will repopulate the combo box for that tab. You can then select from the combo box the column name and then in a text box enter w/e you are searching for in that column, its just a select where clause.

This data will then be tosses into a data grid view below for the user to see and export to excel or continue to change. This is all for general reporting purposes and massaging of data.

Right now the problem is that the combo box won't repopulated based on the tab selected.

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If at design time, control should be available at form level. At runtime, every tab control has tag pages in it. Just reference TabPage.Controls. –  Neolisk Feb 26 '13 at 18:26
Got a example of this for me ? Not that great with coding : P. Then trying to reference the data grid view inside of that tab seems a bit tricky to join them. –  Xnub Feb 26 '13 at 18:39
With little detail, it's hard to tell exactly. One option is using mdgvTab.Controls("Grid" + ToString(mintCounter)), but it's better that you keep a Dictionary of (ToString(mintCounter), DataGridView). Do you need example of Dictionary usage? –  Neolisk Feb 26 '13 at 18:57
Any and all examples are nice to have : ) –  Xnub Feb 26 '13 at 19:26
See my answer - hope it helps. –  Neolisk Feb 26 '13 at 19:52

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Just an option - convert this:

Dim mdgvTab As DataGridView

to a dictionary:

Dim mdgvTabDictionary As Dictionary(Of Integer, DataGridView)

Then, inside Sub generate() you replace this:

mdgvTab = CreateNewDGVInsideNewPageTab()

to this:

Dim mdgvTab As DataGridView = CreateNewDGVInsideNewPageTab()
mdgvTabDictionary.Add(mintCounter, mdgvTab)

Now you don't need to deal with control hierarchy and find controls by name. Instead, you can find the DataGridView you need by index: mdgvTabDictionary(index).

Don't forget to initialize mdgvTabDictionary at Sub New, Form_Load (or any other place, as applicable to your situation):

mdgvTabDictionary = New Dictionary(Of Integer, DataGridView)
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Getting the error "given key was not present in the dictionary", when i try use strColNames(i) = mdgvTabDictionary(mintCounter).Columns(i).Name Never used dictionary so its a little strange for me. –  Xnub Feb 27 '13 at 16:16
@Xnub: If you incremented mintCounter, which you do as one of the last statements of generate, it will be equal to (x+1), where x is the maximum key in the dictionary, and of course, this key is not present in it. You need to know which index you will be accessing, before doing it. I mentioned mintCounter to show logical grounds behind the Key value. You will probably not be using this particular variable (from what I see in code). –  Neolisk Feb 27 '13 at 17:40
Ok i see the problem with using the mintCounter. But still can't find a way to select the correct index of the dictionary i want. First one will select fine and populate the combo box. but if i add another tab it blows up with same error but generates the combox for that tab but no longer will generate the combox if i select the first tab again. –  Xnub Feb 27 '13 at 19:02
@Xnub: I hope you don't generate tabs every time you click on them, right? Again, hard to help you without more details. If you feel like you need further help, please consider updating your original question. The purpose of such design would also help, if you don't mind sharing it with us. –  Neolisk Feb 27 '13 at 19:10
Na it only generates a tab ever time the add file button is click. I updated the question with a bit more detail on what my program is trying to do so far. –  Xnub Feb 27 '13 at 19:38

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