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I'm debugging a program that runs on a remote target using ddd ( the remote gdbserver is running on localhost over port 1234 for example, but still acts as remote).

I know you can connect to the gdbserver by opening ddd, then calling target remote localhost:1234 on the gdb command line of ddd, as described in:

However, I hate having to call the target remote localhost:1234 command every time I open ddd, and I'd like to set it to connect to the gdbserver automatically with an alias. I tried running ddd --rhost localhost:1234 program, but once ddd launches a window pops stating that "GDB could not be started", and in the shell written:

sh: 1: exec: localhost:1234: not found

Anyone knows how can I attach to the remote gdbserver right on launch?


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Choose one of:

  1. ddd --eval-command="target remote localhost:1234"
  2. put target remote localhost:1234 into a file and use --command to execute it
  3. put target remote localhost:1234 into your .gdbinit
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