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so I have my own "MVC" system, and here's two of my Controllers :

    class BlogController {
        // if the url is http://localhost/blog/view/1, the following
        // function will be called, with id=1 in parameters :

        public function viewArticleAction($id){
            $article = $this->getDatabaseManager('article')->find($id);

            $view = $this->getViewManager()->load('blog_view_article.php', array(
                // Here I can send some vars to the view file
                "article" => $article
        // etc..

    class UserController {
        public function logged(){
            // This function returns true if the user is logged in
        public function getUserInfos(){
            // This function returns an object like this :
            // Object ( id => 1, username => admin, password => azerty)
        // etc..

View : head.php

<h1>My website</h1>
    // If logged in : I want to show the username (by using getUserInfos() method)

View : blog_view_article.php :

<?php include('head.php'); ?>
    <header><?= $article->get('title'); ?></header>
    // etc..

    // If logged in : I want to show some links (edit, delete article...)

another view, but called from UserController (example : user_login.php) :

<?php include('head.php'); ?>
// If logged in : show a login form 

So I want to call UserController from two views (one of BlogController, one of UserController). Twice includes head.php : in this view I also want to call UserController. What's the best way to call UserController in those two views (knowing one is directly managed by UserController) ?

(I hope you can understand what I'm saying, I'm french..)

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Why are you calling a controller in your view? Why does your controllers contain logic like getUserInfos / logged? – PeeHaa Feb 26 '13 at 18:35
In my MVC systems, controllers don't call other controllers because they are simply a glue between models and views. However, if you abstracted your models, it should be easy enough for two different controllers to call the same model. I don't think you're abstracting things well enough into the model – Juan Mendes Feb 26 '13 at 18:38
Controller is not a "glue" in MVC. Model is a layer, not a collection of classes. View is not a glorified template. – tereško Feb 26 '13 at 18:45
@PeeHaa : I thought every logic about Users were necessarily in UserController. It's not that ? – Maxime R. Feb 26 '13 at 19:16

I would suggest to make some changes. Keep the view as much empty as possible. Dont use logic in the views. The controller needs to handle request. By your example I would suggest to check if the user is logged in in the blogController. If not, use a header location to move the the login. So:

class blogController
   public function __contruct()
     // Special information for the blogController, first call the baseController

   public function index()

in your loginController you can use the index for showing the login form For your header.php, why put this not in your show method? If it is used in all your views, you dont forget to include and your "custom" views doesn't contain includes to other views...

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My views are available for users AND guests, so I need to use logic in my views... – Maxime R. Feb 28 '13 at 15:55

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