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I am new to objectify, and reading a tutorial on how to query. For some reason when I type the following code:

Query q = ofy().query(UserChoice.class).filter("email", email);

My Eclipse gives me a error saying "The method query(Class) is undefined for the type Objectify"

I'm not sure what this means? I imported Objectify correctly by using the following:

import com.googlecode.objectify.Objectify;
import com.googlecode.objectify.ObjectifyService;

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how are you getting/calling the ofy object. Can you attach that code? –  Walls Feb 26 '13 at 18:49

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Objective doesn't have an actual query method. In their API you can see all the calls you can make on the Objectify object, query() isn't one of those.

It looks like there may be an older version of Objectify that has a query method. The newest one (Build version: 4.0a3) doesn't have it, but an older version (Build version: 2.2.1) does. It looks like the class paths are the same, com.googlecode.objectify.Objectify. Make sure to load in the correct one or you are using the proper version with the `query() call.

The ObjectifyService you are using looks to be in the older version (2.2.1).

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