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I've been using django for some time and I decided to start a new project but this time in Codeigniter, I used to extend the template file in my views and put content inside the {% block content %} block but it seens to be different in CodeIgniter.

In CodeIgniter I have something like:


But is there a way to have an unique file with header, content and footer like this?

        <div id="header">Welcome</div>
        <div id="content">
        <div id="footer"> 2013 - Tectcom Telecom</div>

And put a view file with a form inside the content div?

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Update your html (layout) file like this:

<div id="content"><?php $this->load->view($content) ?></div>

In your controller, call the view like this:

$view_data = array();
$view_data['content'] = 'form_add_customer';
$this->load->view('path/to/layout', $view_data);
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I've used the "Most Simple Template Library for CodeIgniter" in the past with success for smaller projects. I believe it'll provide with the functionality that you require allowing you to have placeholders in a 'template' which you can update in your controller logic.

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