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I'm using Jetty 8 as embedded server in a project. Everything works as expected, except multipart/form-data requests.

My servlet which has to process the multipart/form-data requests works fine, - I've tested it with the RunJettyRun plugin of eclipse. That's why the embedded server code must be the guilty part.

My code follows the jetty examples like this. I've searching the internet since 2 days, but didn't find out how to config jetty.

Every hint is welcome, kind regards, Sea

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Not enough information in that question to know what you are doing? –  Joakim Erdfelt Feb 27 '13 at 22:10
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Things can be so simple. You just have to set the MultipartConfig to your ServletHolder. For example:

ServletHolder sh = new ServletHolder(YourServlet.class);
sh.getRegistration().setMultipartConfig(new MultipartConfigElement("yourTempLocation", 1048576, 1048576, 262144));

Just annotate YourServlet with @MultipartConfig and you have full access to the multipart/form-data.

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