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This is my function and it should change the onClick attribute of the HTML input, but if I use

document.getElementById('buttonLED'+id).onclick = "writeLED(1,1)";

it does not work at all, but if I use

document.getElementById('buttonLED'+id).onclick = writeLED(1,1);

the function executes by itself! Any ideas what code do I have to use to change the onCLick attribute WITHOUT executing the function, before the button is clicked?
Here is the full function, if it matters:

function showLED(id){
    if(color == 0){
        document.getElementById('buttonLED'+id).onclick = "writeLED(1,1)";
        document.getElementById('buttonLED'+id).value="light is on";
        //document.getElementById('buttonLED'+id).disabled = false;
        document.getElementById('buttonLED'+id).onclick = "writeLED(1,0)";
        document.getElementById('buttonLED'+id).value="light is off";
        //document.getElementById('buttonLED'+id).disabled = false;
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document.getElementById('buttonLED'+id).onclick = "writeLED(1,1)"; is setting the onclick property of the element to a string. –  crush Feb 26 '13 at 19:13
document.getElementById('buttonLED'+id).onclick = writeLED(1,1); is setting the onclick property of the element to the result of writeLED(1,1) –  crush Feb 26 '13 at 19:14

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You want to do this - set a function that will be executed to respond to the onclick event:

document.getElementById('buttonLED'+id).onclick = function(){ writeLED(1,1); } ;

The things you are doing don't work because:

  1. The onclick event handler expects to have a function, here you are assigning a string

    document.getElementById('buttonLED'+id).onclick = "writeLED(1,1)";
  2. In this, you are assigning as the onclick event handler the result of executing the writeLED(1,1) function:

    document.getElementById('buttonLED'+id).onclick = writeLED(1,1);
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+1 "when you have a problem - add another layer of abstraction" - classic :) –  alfasin Feb 26 '13 at 19:14
Works great, I just put it in and working perfect, thanks! –  shiro Feb 26 '13 at 19:26

Well, just do this and your problem is solved :


Have a nice day XD

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You are not actually changing the function.

onClick is assigned to a function (Which is a reference to something, a function pointer in this case). The values passed to it don't matter and cannot be utilised in any manner.

Another problem is your variable color seems out of nowhere.

Ideally, inside the function you should put this logic and let it figure out what to write. (on/off etc etc)

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