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I'm using Indy to build both a client and server application using HTTP. On the Client, I'm using TIdHTTP and on the server I'm using TIdHTTPWebBrokerBridge with a web module. I need the Client to be able to post any type of data via a Stream to the Server. This is done through a universal command I have called /set?Key=API_KEY&Name=FILE_NAME where Key is the API Key for authentication and Name is the name of the file being posted.

On the client, I am posting the data like so:

function TInnoCloudClient.SetData(const Name: String; AStream: TStream): Bool;
  U: String;
  U:= FServerURL; //Base URL of Server
  if Copy(U, Length(U)-1, 1) <> '/' then
    U:= U + '/';
  U:= U + 'get?Key='+Encode(FAPIKey);
  U:= U + '&Name='+Encode(Name);
    FWeb.Post(U, AStream);
    on e: exception do begin
      //Handle Exception

This function is supposed to save the data inside AStream to a file on the server with the filename of Name. On the Server end, however, in the request handler, I see no corresponding TStream property in the Request which I can read this from.

In the Server, how do I acquire the data which I sent as a TStream descendant? I don't need to know how to save it or handle the request, just how do I obtain this Stream from the Request (TWebRequest)?

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Use the TWebRequest.ReadClient() or TWebClient.ReadString() method to read the posted binary data, or the TWebRequest.RawContent property to retreive the posted data as an AnsiString.

Something like this should work:

procedure TWebModule1.GetAllDataAsStream(ARequest: TWebRequest; AStream: TMemoryStream);
  BytesRead, ContentLength: Integer;
  Buffer: array[0..1023] of Byte;
  ContentLength := ARequest.ContentLength;
  while ContentLength > 0 do begin
    BytesRead := ARequest.ReadClient(Buffer[0], Min(ContentLength, SizeOf(Buffer)));
    if BytesRead < 1 then Break;
    AStream.WriteBuffer(Buffer[0], BytesRead);
    Dec(ContentLength, BytesRead);
  AStream.Position:= 0;
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