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I have some data in a List I want to make a query against. In the meantime however, other users can add to this List and I get wrong items in return:

var query = from s in selected
            where s.contains("www")
            select s);

Then a user Can add item to selected list before The query is run, and I Will get this also. Can I prevent this behaviour?:


foreach (var s in query)
/// gives me 123www
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Ofcourse that should have been www. Thanks – perene Feb 26 '13 at 19:41
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The var "query" just has the query assigned to it, but the query itself is first performed when the query is accessed in for example a foreach loop - hence you get the newly added data.

If you don't want this, you can use an extension method like "ToList()", where the collection stays the same:

var queryResultList = (from s in selected
             where n.contains("www")
             select s).ToList();

Here the ToList() iterates the collection immediately, and you can now iterate the queryResultList and get the right results and even though new elements arrive the output stays the same.

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The query represents an action, which can be triggered any time you want and it will yield different results if the source of data changed.

Just make a "snapshot" of the results at the time you desire to do so with a .ToArray():

var query = from s in selected
                Where s.contains("www")
                Select s)
string[] snapshot = query.ToArray();
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When you call .ToList() or .ToArray() the query is executed. Therefore to avoid your problem you can write this code:

var query = from s in selected
            where s.Contains("www")
            select s);

var result = query.ToList();

foreach(var item in result)
     /* You won't see "123www" */
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