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I am looking for a Eclipse plugin to automatically generate UML diagram from a existing java project. I have tried some plugins, like ObjectAid. But it requires you to drag and drop each single class and then add relationship. Or some plugins can generate UML for packages. I got lots of packages in my project. I hope there is a plugin which can directly generate the UML for the whole project.

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I've just downloaded the lastest version of ObjectAid. You can drag and drop all the classes at the same time and you also get the dependencies: just check the Add Depencencies check box when creating the class diagram.

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Best choice imo! –  Stéphane Bruckert Jun 6 at 12:52

You could give UML Lab (http://uml-lab.com) a try (Note: I'm biased as I'm working for Yatta Solutions ;) ).

There is a tutorial explaining how to reverse engineer existing source code: http://www.uml-lab.com/en/uml-lab/tutorials/reverse-engineering-tutorial/. Basically, just create a new Model and Class Diagram and all available Java source files are imported automatically. Otherwise you can import a Java source file by dragging it onto the diagram editor.

UML Lab also supports creating of UML Package Diagrams.

It's a commercial tool, but there is a 30 days trial and a free academic edition. If you have any questions don't hesitate asking them in the forum, bug tracker or by mail.

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I suggest Architexa! It generates really nice diagrams in which you can explore your code.

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You might want to check out AmaterasUML and UMLet. They are both pretty nice plugins for Eclipse.

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I installed AmateruasUML. How to import the project? –  Li' Feb 26 '13 at 21:07

Take a look at the open source and official Eclipse plug-in MoDisco. It has a predefined import path from Java to UML.

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