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A client wishes to have a link that opens a new window and shows the website of an investment company. Pretty straight forward so far.

So I create this link

<a href="https://webbroker.td.com/waw/idp/login.htm" target="_blank">Click Me</a>

The client then tells me that the page is acting all weird. So I test it and he's right, it's acting very strange.

Here's what my tests shows.

Firefox mac: Page opens, then closes itself and returns to the window with the client's website where it then changes the URL to the one that is suppose to open.

Safari mac and Chrome mac: Page opens, then closes itself and returns to the window with the client's website

Client's IE: opening and closing multiple windows (his words, didn't test it myself);

Instead of redirecting to the page itself, I changed the link to go to the homepage. User will now have to click on "Login" to access the page we wanted originally. Guess what? It does the same thing.

Here's a simplified fiddle. You'll see it's pretty straight forward.

Now I know that the problem isn't from my side but on the investment site. They seem to dynamically add some parameters to the URL for security reasons I suppose.

My question is: how can I avoid all this non sense and simply open the page without it closing? Can someone explain to my why it's doing so?

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I tried the login link myself (in Chrome) and it does the same thing.. closes itself.. You should contact their web-designers and report the problem. I succeeded to click on Stop loading button and look through page. Everything is "ok" except that thing it closes. Contact them and wait for response/fix.

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That's what I thought but I couldn't find the information to contact the webmaster. I guess I'll contact the general inquiries. Thanks anyway. –  vyx.ca Feb 27 '13 at 2:06

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