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I gotta be missing something obvious.

select CEILING(85/30) = 2

85/30 = 2.83333

I want the value to be 3.

Shouldn't the CEILING function round up for me?

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And for comparison

SELECT 85.0 / 30, 85 / 30

The first example uses floats, the second uses ints, so the result is rounded before the ceiling function is hit. What you do is


Rather than

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Change it for :

select CEILING(85/30.0)

INT / INT yields an INT, so 85/30 rounds it down (FLOOR).

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Use some typed-parameters, and you won't have to worry so much about how you enter the data. Here's a sam

DECLARE @int_num integer
DECLARE @int_dem integer
DECLARE @dec_num decimal(18,0)
DECLARE @dec_dem decimal(18,0)

SET @int_num = 85
SET @int_dem = 30
SET @dec_num = 85
SET @dec_dem = 30

SELECT CEILING(@int_num / @int_dem) AS int_div, CEILING(@dec_num / @dec_dem) AS dec_div

int_div   |   dec_div
2         |   3
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