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i am using qt5.0. i created dll and put all my audio files inside dll. now i am creating file from resource and playing. it's working fine.

But the problem is after playing the file i am not able to delete that file and recreate new file.

if i try to delete manually also i getting error. "some other program using that file". once i stop the program then only able to delete the file.

How to delete the file after immediate palyback. here my code

 player = new QMediaPlayer;

      QFile file2(QDir::tempPath() + "/temp0.mp3");

      if (
          QFile workFile(":/AUDIO/" + fn +".mp3");

      player->setMedia(QMediaContent(QUrl::fromLocalFile(QDir::tempPath() + "/temp0.mp3")));

void Audio::mediaStatusChanged(QMediaPlayer::MediaStatus state)
            QFile::remove(QDir::tempPath() + "/temp0.mp3");
            qDebug()<<"Audio played";

i am getting "Audio played" message but it's not deleteing the file.

please help me to solve this issue.

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is there any way directly stream from the DLL without creating any temp files? – Saravanan Feb 26 '13 at 20:47
It looks like the player may be keeping a handle to the file. If you delete the player object, can the file then be deleted? – TheDarkKnight Apr 26 '13 at 8:58
well, i tried all the things but still i am getting error. so i put the audio files in the windows/media folder and using in the application. Thanks. – Saravanan May 7 '13 at 8:20

The docs tell us for QMediaPlayer::setMedia:

Setting this property to a null QMediaContent will cause the player to discard all information relating to the current media source and to cease all I/O operations related to that media.

Unfortunately this does not work on Windows 7 with Qt 5.1.1 - This why I filed a bug report

Even the folks in the Qt irc channel told me not use QMediaPlayer on Windows. They suggested using SDL. Little bit strange for a cross platform framework with a Multimedia API.

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Recently,I met the same problem. I solved it by changing the compiler from msvs to mingw. I think the Qt guys did not solve this bug as its status is 'need more information'. The code to release media file could be as follows.


However, if I use mingw compiler, the video does not play in a VM win7 x86 and reports DirectShowPlayerService::doRender: Unresolved error code 80040266. This seems a deadlock to me.

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