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In SQL Server 2012, I have a User table to store application users. I also have an Organization table which has a LastModifiedBy field in which I would like to store the UserID of the last person to modify the values within the table via an ASPX page. Should I create a foreign key relationship between the LastModifiedBy field and the UserID field within the Users table?

I would also like to add a LastModifiedBy field to the Users table itself. Should/can I create a self referencing foreign key constraint on this table? If this is possible, is it a horrible idea?

Any perspectives on pros and cons of creating these foreign key constraints would be greatly appreciated.

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What you are describing is what foreign keys are made for. These foreign keys are at the very core of relational databases. Even if they might give a slight performance impact when inserting new rows, because it has to check if the referenced key exists, it should not be avoided.

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