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I'm just learning how to use ServiceStack and I am getting an exception that I can't get past and not sure what is causing the exception. Here it is:

Handler for Request not found:    

Request.ApplicationPath: /
Request.CurrentExecutionFilePath: /entry/5/11-11-2012
Request.FilePath: /entry/5/11-11-2012
Request.HttpMethod: GET
Request.MapPath('~'): C:\Projects\Tutorials\FirstServiceStackApp\FirstServiceStackApp\
Request.Path: /entry/5/11-11-2012
Request.ResolvedPathInfo: /entry/5/11-11-2012
Request.PhysicalPath: C:\Projects\Tutorials\FirstServiceStackApp\FirstServiceStackApp\entry\5\11-11-2012
Request.PhysicalApplicationPath: C:\Projects\Tutorials\FirstServiceStackApp\FirstServiceStackApp\
Request.RawUrl: /entry/5/11-11-2012
Request.Url.AbsoluteUri: http://localhost:52920/entry/5/11-11-2012
Request.Url.AbsolutePath: /entry/5/11-11-2012
Request.Url.Host: localhost
Request.Url.LocalPath: /entry/5/11-11-2012
Request.Url.Port: 52920
Request.Url.Scheme: http
Request.Url.Segments: System.String[]
App.IsIntegratedPipeline: True
App.WebHostPhysicalPath: C:\Projects\Tutorials\FirstServiceStackApp\FirstServiceStackApp
App.WebHostRootFileNames: [entry.cs,entryservice.cs,firstservicestackapp.csproj,firstservicestackapp.csproj.user,global.asax,global.asax.cs,packages.config,recordipfilter.cs,statusquery.cs,statusservice.cs,web.config,web.debug.config,web.release.config,app_data,bin,obj,properties,scripts,x64,x86]
App.DefaultHandler: metadata
App.DebugLastHandlerArgs: GET|/entry/5/11-11-2012|C:\Projects\Tutorials\FirstServiceStackApp\FirstServiceStackApp\entry\5\11-11-2012

I'm going through John Sonmez's excellent Pluralsight course on ServiceStack, and have just added the OrmLite piece to my project. This exception is thrown when I attempt to add a new Entry. So I have no SqlLite file yet in my App_Data folder, and none is created. It's not breaking in the code when I try to debug, so not sure where to look for this...

Edit: Added relevant Source Code:

[Route("/entry/{Amount}/{EntryTime}", "POST")]
public class Entry { ... }

public class EntryService : Service 
    public TrackedDataRepository TDRepository { get; set; } 

    public object Any(Entry request) 
        var id = TDRepository.AddEntry(request); 
        return new EntryResponse {Id = id}; 


Remove POST filter on Route definition so it applies to all routes:

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Hmm - Not sure this is a OrmLite issue. If I understand the exception message correctly it is hinting that you don't have a 'service class**' with the correct method included on it. In this case since the HttpMethod is Get your service class would need to have a Get (or Any) method on it.

Do you have a 'service class' like below.

public class EntryService : Service //make sure inheriting from Service or RestServiceBase<Entry> 
    public object Get(Entry request)
        //handle request here

Update 1: You will also need to have your Entry class 'routed' correctly. In your case since your are adding 2 parameters (/5/11-11-2012) you'll need 2 route parameters (or one with a wildcard).

[Route("/Entry/{P1}/{P2}")] //or use /Entry/{P1*} to use wildcard
public class Entry
    public string P1 {get; set;}
    public string P2 {get; set;}

**service class is your class that inherits from Service/RestServiceBase and it is what 'handles' your request (in this case Entry) and returns your response (generally following the name convention of {request}Response eg.EntryResponse).

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Yes, I do have a very simple EntryService class. Here's the code for it: ` public class EntryService : Service { public TrackedDataRepository TDRepository { get; set; } public object Any(Entry request) { var id = TDRepository.AddEntry(request); return new EntryResponse {Id = id}; } } ` Is that the problem? (Sorry, backticks don't seem to be formatting my code in the comment...) – Eddie Feb 26 '13 at 22:47
Your service class looks correct. Please see update above. Could be your route. – paaschpa Feb 26 '13 at 23:08
That was it. I had the route in there, but had added POST to the call, so a GET wouldn't work. When I went to check the route I noticed it looked like this: [Route("/entry/{Amount}/{EntryTime}", "POST")], so I changed it to [Route("/entry/{Amount}/{EntryTime}")] and now it works. Thanks! – Eddie Feb 26 '13 at 23:18

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