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I'm doing an animation using mouseenter and mouseleave, the problem is that if I pass the mouse over and out quickly on the div, the animation goes insane and like repeating without stoping, how can I fix that, any kind of stop or something?

This is my code:

    /* Footer Hover */
    function footerhover(){
        var footer = $('#footer')
            'mouseenter' : function(){
            'mouseleave' : function(){
    function footer_animate(h){
            height: h
        }, 50 );
    function footer_bottom(b){
            bottom: b
        }, 300 );
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It's good practice to use jQuery's stop function to stop the current animation before starting a new one, otherwise they can pile up and fire over and over. So every time you animate the footer, stop it first.

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aplying .stop to both animation makes it to stop it from the beginning... so it doesn't works at all –  user1617218 Feb 26 '13 at 21:35

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