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It seems that the FormDataCollection in the ASP.NET MVC Web API auto-decodes the values. Is there a way to turn this off? I am using fiddler to post the following data to my url:


Unfortunately the color is already decoded and results into the following:

Lam� Purple

What I was hoping to get is this:

Lamé Purple

Code used:

public HttpResponseMessage PostItem(FormDataCollection collection)
    int qty = 5000;
    var response = Request.CreateResponse(HttpStatusCode.Created);
    response.StatusCode = HttpStatusCode.OK;
    if (collection == null)
        response.Headers.Add("Available", qty.ToString());
        return response;

    var item = new Item();
    foreach (KeyValuePair<string, string> keyValuePair in collection)
            case ".quantity":
                item.Qty = Convert.ToInt32(keyValuePair.Value);
            case ".code":
                item.Style = keyValuePair.Value;
            case "Color":
                item.Color = keyValuePair.Value;
            case "Size":
                item.Size = keyValuePair.Value;

    qty = Repository.GetInventory(item);
    response.Headers.Add("Available", qty.ToString());    
    return response;
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You seem to be using some specific request encoding, not UTF-8. So adapt your web.config accordingly using the <globalization> element:

<globalization requestEncoding="iso-8859-1" />

or make sure you send correct utf-8 url encoded request:

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I should have mentioned, I already tried this. Its the same result. –  vikasde Feb 26 '13 at 21:28
I have updated my answer. Try sending a properly utf-8 url encoded value ofColor=Lam%C3%A9%20Purple instead of Color=Lam%E9%20Purple. –  Darin Dimitrov Feb 26 '13 at 21:28
I have no control over the request. However I can see that the string is being escaped. I just need to unescape it, but asp.net decodes it before I can unescape. –  vikasde Feb 26 '13 at 21:30
Did you try using <globalization requestEncoding="iso-8859-1" />? You cannot turn off this feature. If the client doesn't respect the standards there's not much you could do on the server. –  Darin Dimitrov Feb 26 '13 at 21:32
Yes, I tried iso-8859-1. Same result. –  vikasde Feb 26 '13 at 21:33

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