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I have an AREL query:

@group.members.where('member_id != ?', 4)

As expected, this query returns all members with an ID not equal to 4.

How would I build the same type of query to omit multiple IDs? For example:

@group.members.where('member_id != ?', [4 3])

Which would ideally return all members with an ID not equal to either 4 or 3.

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The correct syntax is:

@group.members.where('member_id NOT IN (?)', [4, 3] )

This also work if you pass only one integer (not an array):

@group.members.where('member_id NOT IN (?)', 12)
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Mr. Yoshiji - you, my friend, are generous for sharing your knowledge. Thank you! –  Angelo Chrysoulakis Feb 26 '13 at 21:52

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