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I have the following code snippet:

char s[] = "2012-06-01-02";
int nYear;
int nMonth;
int nDay;
int nPass
sscanf(s, "%d-%d%-%d-%d", &nYear, &nMonth, &nDay, &nPass);

This code works as expected using Visual Studio, but I get the following compilation warning using gcc

warning: unknown conversion type character '-' in format

Then, if I run the code, I get the expected values for nYear, nMonth, but nDay and nPass are both 0.

Why doesn't this work?

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You have a %- in there that I think you don't want. Delete the %:

sscanf(s, "%d-%d%-%d-%d", &nYear, &nMonth, &nDay, &nPass);
                |--- delete this '%'

What you want to end up with looks like this:

sscanf(s, "%d-%d-%d-%d", &nYear, &nMonth, &nDay, &nPass);

As an aside, you might want to look into clang if you're a beginner. You'll get better error messages in cases like this, and it will help you learn faster. Example:

example.c:10:22: warning: invalid conversion specifier '-'
    sscanf(s, "%d-%d%-%d", &nYear, &nMonth, &nDay, &nPass);
1 warning generated.
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yes! how did I miss that?! –  Moe Feb 26 '13 at 21:36

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