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I am trying to use python regex on a URL string.

id= 'edu.vt.lib.scholar:http/ejournals/VALib/v48_n4/newsome.html'
>>> re.findall('news|ejournals|theses',id)
['ejournals', 'news']

Based on the docs at, it says search() matches the first one and find all matches all the possible ones in the string.

I am wondering why 'news' is not captured with search even though it is declared first in the pattern.

Did i use the wrong pattern ? I want to search if any of those keywords occur in the string.

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You're thinking about it backwards. The regex goes through the target string looking for "news" OR "ejournals" OR "theses" and returns the first one it finds. In this case "ejournals" appears first in the target string.

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Thank you. My bad, i did not think of this. – kich Feb 26 '13 at 22:00

The function stops after the first occurrence that satisfies your condition, not the first option in the pattern.

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