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Is it possible to refresh ListView Control ? For example after the page postback I want ListView to iterate again his items. Is there a way to do this ? (ListView is binded with EntityDataSource)

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A bit of code will be appriciated . –  IamStalker Feb 26 '13 at 22:03

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If the source has changed then rebind it, otherwise don't.

This will be the same way as you're doing now, something like:

list.DataSource = source;

Generally the problem people have is that they don't want controls to rebind, and are pleased to discover the availability of IsPostBack, and that I can understand, but without this knowledge (or even with it and actively leaving logic out) this is what would happen by default for you, so, curious, at least.

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Yes, it is possible, use the DataBind method for that.

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