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I want to test my code that connects to the AdWords API, without making an actual call to Google (that costs money ;) ). Any idea how I can plug in a new implementation of TrafficEstimatorServiceInterface?

AdWords Client API is using Guice for dependency injection, but I'm not sure how I can get the hold of the Injector in order to modify it?!

If it helps, this is how I get the implementation of it now:

    AdWordsServices adWordsServices = new AdWordsServices();
    AdWordsSession session = AdwordsUtils.getSession();

    TrafficEstimatorServiceInterface trafficEstimatorService =
            adWordsServices.get(session, TrafficEstimatorServiceInterface.class);
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Rather than change the way guice is injecting, can you just test your methods by passing in your own implementation of TrafficEstimatorServiceInterface and recording what operations are run on it? – Damon Smith Jan 15 '15 at 0:50

You should use a test account for this purpose. Also, there will no longer be a charge for using the AdWords API from the first of March 2013, but you should still continue to use a test account while developing your tool.

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Much as this is useful info, the question specifically asks how to control Guice dependency injection so that google is not contacted. I presume for unit testing as opposed to integration testing. – Damon Smith Jan 15 '15 at 0:48

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