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I tried to use python call the command line execute some files. However, when there is a command line containing both "echo" and "|"(vertical bar), the seems not working very well. like: When I run:

echo "perp -t ../data/ReviewTest.text" | ./eva -b ../data/6.binlm

I will get what I want. However, when I try this

import subprocess
e=["echo","\"perp", "-t", "../data/R.text\"", "|", "./eva", "-b", "../data/6.binlm"]

I will get everything except echo showed in command line like:

".prep -t" | ./eva -b ../data/6.binlm

It seems that in, when there is an "echo", everything after it will just be thrown out onto the command line.

I hope there is some solution for me to use subprocess when a command contains both "echo" and "|"


This is my third question in SO, the before two questions are both voted as duplicates. However, I really searched hard before I ask, but since I am not a native speaker, I do not know how to change a lot of expressions, I cannot always find what I want. So I apologize ahead if this is another duplicate....

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I think this might achieve the effect you are looking for (it should reproduce exactly the first command line listed in your question):

>>> import subprocess
>>> e = 'echo "perp -t ../data/ReviewTest.text | ./eva -b ../data/6.binlm'
>>>, shell=true)
  1. "|" is a shell meta-character, so you need to invoke with shell=True.

  2. In the command line, you are passing the string "perp -t ../data/ReviewTest.text" as the first and only argument to 'echo', so you need to pass the same string and not individual components in the argument string.

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That works! Thanks – Haohan Wang Feb 26 '13 at 23:01

The pipe | is a shell construct meaning that the command needs to be run as input to a shell. This means setting shell=True when is called.

import subprocess"""echo "perp -t ../data/ReviewTest.text" | ./eva -b ../data/6.binlm""", shell=True)

There are notes about using shell=True in the Python docs.

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