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There is a nice ASP.NET perf counter category and set of counters that can be used to track the request queue during perf test runs. However I can't find similar set for a WCF service not hosted thru IIS. Our WCF services are run as Windows services using net-tcp protocols. I've learned that there are a couple binding parameters that control queuing (Binding.MaxConnections and Binding.ListenBacklog). It wasn't a very easy find. So I wonder going forward, is there a why to track these two values in PerfMon?

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Under the ServiceModelService performance counter category you can find the following set of queue performance counters:

  • Queue Dropped Messages
  • Queue Dropped Messages Per Second
  • Queued Poison Messages
  • Queued Poison Messages Per Second
  • Queued Rejected Messages
  • Queued Rejected Messages Per Second

None of which provide the information you're looking for. The performance counter that I could find more closely related to what you want is:

  • Percent of Max Concurrent Calls

Which provides the number of concurrent calls as a percent of maximum concurrent calls.

To see a complete list of available WCF performance counters click here.

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Cool. Thanks! I'll try that. –  Schultz9999 Feb 27 '13 at 19:39
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