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enter image description here I am trying to have a circular logo placed to the left of a bootstrap nav menu and have the menu align with the bottom of the row but it always wants to align with the top. I wrote this in jade but hopefully people with other languages can at least understand how it works (indents signify nestings instead of having closing tags). Is there a way i can easily do this with css or using the grid system in bootstrap?

doctype 5
    title= title
    link(rel='stylesheet', href='/css/bootstrap.min.css')
    link(rel='stylesheet', href='/stylesheets/style.css')


                    img(id='add-razaoSocial', src='KSUB_PLATTER_Full.png', width=100)

                                        ul(class="nav nav-tabs")
                                                a(href='#') About
                                                a(href='#') Schedule
                                                a(href='#') Events
                                                a(href='#') Gallery
            block content
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I think the problem is coming from creating the tabs you want inside of a navbar (and inside navbar-inner, which wraps your tabs). The tabs you're trying to achieve don't need to be wrapped inside a navbar (which is pretty well designed to be fixed/static to top or bottom). See their documentation for nav-tabs

A standalone <ul class="nav nav-tabs"> should be much easier to wrap and set margins/padding. Might also set the CSS position property of the row beneath your image to be absolute. and contents relative.

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