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I have a feeling this may be too broad of a question but I'm hoping some may be a u-boot expert so I'm going to give it a shot...

When compiling for a powerpc based setup similar to redwood, I'm getting an error: nand.c:91: undefined reference to `board_nand_init'

The function is in ndfc.c, which does not have a .h file, and the prototype is defined in nand.h, I don't understand how a function in ndfc.c can be called by another module.

Thanks for your help!

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This kind of error is usually caused by not defining all the compilation variables required.

See the U-Boot README file. Some are set with the Makefile: for example make TQM823L_config which defines all the variables normally used for the TQM823L board.

Other configuration settings need to be done by hand editing the header files.

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