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I want to share views including partials, layouts, and templates between controllers from different namespaces.

The problem

Instead of putting my views in


I want to put my views in

app/views/layouts/... # as normal, without namespaces

I'd also like this to be optional. For example, if there's a layout in app/views/layouts/#{namespace}/... then use it, otherwise use app/views/layouts/... as normal.

Some things I've tried:

  1. Using something like prepend_view_path isn't going to work here, because for admin/courses#index it's still going to look for a template admin/courses/index within whatever the view paths are.

  2. Using the layout method might work, but probably not for templates and partials.

  3. I've tried overriding the render method, but this seems a little hacky. And I can't just do it in the ApplicationController, because it doesn't handle rendering partials from within a view. So i'd have to override the render method again in the ApplicationHelper class, which is awkward, not DRY, and not as straight-forward.

Thanks in advance!

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I love rails. It does it automagically, sorta.

I had controllers that were extending from a base controller, i.e. Admin::CoursesController was extending BaseCoursesController, etc.

So I just needed to put my views in


And I can still optionally put my views in



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