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I don't understand why my variable selected doesn't contain the content of all the TempX variable. For example, in my case, the variable TempX containt one SuperObject but as soon as I reach the first intersect, it's lost and my View always show an empty list...

By the way, the blablabla.ToList() are real and complicated linq query. I put this to make it clearer.

Thanks and here is the code:

 public ActionResult Search(string q)
            ViewBag.q = q;

            String[] strQueries = q.Split(' ');

            IEnumerable<SuperObject> selected = new List<SuperObject>();

            foreach (string str in strQueries)
                //Query 1
                IEnumerable<SuperObject> Temp1 = blablabla.ToList();

                //Query 2
                IEnumerable<SuperObject> Temp2 = blablabla2.ToList();

                //Query 3
                IEnumerable<SuperObject> Temp3 = blablabla3.ToList();

                //Query 4
                IEnumerable<SuperObject> Temp4 = blablabla4.ToList();

                selected = selected.Intersect(Temp1);
                selected = selected.Intersect(Temp2);
                selected = selected.Intersect(Temp3);
                selected = selected.Intersect(Temp4);

            return View("Search", selected);
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Have you tried stepping into the code and seeing the results of each intersection as it happens? –  System Down Feb 27 '13 at 1:01

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You probably want to use Union instead of Intersect. Here's the difference, I think it's self explanatory: Union, intersection, difference comparison.

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nice catch! You are totally right!! Thanks! –  Jean-François Côté Feb 27 '13 at 1:18
+1 Brilliant answer with a nice diagram too. –  Cameron MacFarland Feb 27 '13 at 7:23

You are intersecting an empty list with Temp 1-4. This isn't going to yield any results.

Edit: To elaborate, an intersect gets all elements common to two collections. Since the first collection you are intersecting is empty the result is always going tobe empty. So the answer really depends on what you are trying to do. Are you trying to find only elements common to all 4 lists? if so do what BurundukXP said:

selected = Temp1.Intersect(Temp2);
selected = selected.Intersect(Temp3);
selected = selected.Intersect(Temp4);

Are you trying to get a unique list of all the elements in each list? Do something like this:

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