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I have a spring security MVC application. In few JSP files I have code that looks like this:

<sec:authorize access="hasAnyRole('ROLE_FOO', 'ROLE_BAR')">
  <!--do something here-->  

I have to make code changes (changing ROLE_FOO to something else) when deploying the app to production because it has different role names. So I was wondering whether there is a way to configure these role names in a property file and then pick those inside the <sec:authorize> tag.

So the code would look something like this:

Property File:


and JSP

<sec:authorize access="hasAnyRole(<get roles from Admin_Roles in prop file>)">
  <!--do something here-->  

btw, I am using Active Directory for authentication so these roles are pre-configured in the active directory for test and production.

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Not sure it is the easiest way. But you can write your own expression.

This link should be very useful. link

Since there are some differences between each version. You had better take a look at the source code of DefaultWebSecurityExpressionHandler to make sure you do not miss anything when override createSecurityExpressionRoot

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Not sure how you would do this for a variable number of roles, but for a fixed number have you tried something like this?


<sec:authorize access="hasAnyRole('${adminRole1}', '${adminRole2}')">
  <!--do something here-->  


private String adminRole1;
private String adminRole2;
public String hello(final Model model) {
  model.addAttribute("adminRole1", adminRole1);
  model.addAttribute("adminRole2", adminRole2);

and config XML:

<bean id="myprops"
  <property name="locations">
      <!-- External property files -->
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This might work as I only have a fixed number of roles. However, I am using the roles as part for <intercept url> in my app-servlet.xml as well. How would I access the roles via properties there? – Omnipresent Feb 27 '13 at 11:34
Via custom web security expression for example, see @Willy answer – Maksym Demidas Feb 27 '13 at 15:12

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