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I am trying to write a Macro for a small Access DB so every time someone, opens the Table is checks the Expiry date column and if it was a week or less left on the date alert by a message box.

Something like:

 if(ExpiryDate <= NOW()+7) SHOW ERROR 

Any easy way to do this?!

I work with SQL, but never done anything with Access before.

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Your code is pretty much correct. Maybe you could use

  if(ExpiryDate <= NOW()+7) 
 msgbox("Expiration Date too long")
 end if

Access databases don't really have triggers, so you would need to put this in an 'After Update' event for that field.

Alternatively, you could supply a validation rule for that field. To do this, go to your table in design view, select your ExpiryDate field, click the "..." dialog to open your expression builder, and enter

   <= now() +7

You can supply validation text that will automatically be alerted to the user when they violate your rule.

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