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I want to generate depending on what I'm passing an specific attribute with his value. This is how I want to use the helper:

<sometag @PossibleHelper(parameter)/>

After PossibleHelper do his thing, this could be the result:

<sometag attributeName="attributeValue"/>

How can I express that in the helper?

@helper PossibleHelper(someType){

      attributeName="attributeValue"      //this is wrong
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When you're in a helper it's just regular razor syntax.

@helper PossibleHelper(SomeType something) {
    if (condition) {
        <span attributeName="attributeValue">blah</span>

You can set an attribute like this.

@helper PossibleHelper(int something) {
    var attrValue = string.Empty;
    if (true) {
        attrValue = "attributeValue";
    @(string.Format("attribute={0}", attrValue))


<sometag @PossibleHelper(parameter)/>

FYI, you can also make an extension method for HtmlHelper which may be better if the code is shared between views or there is a decent amount of logic.

public static class HtmlHelperExtensions
    public static MvcHtmlString SomeExtension(this HtmlHelper htmlHelper)
        // ...
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Thanks Tyriar. I would add (after reading and testing a little) that @functions are also alternatives to do what I ask. –  mjsr Mar 21 '13 at 21:10

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