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i want to build a regex that if string is not found in the array of strings i will store it in a textbox. i dont know if its possible in a regex but if you have better suggestions please tell me.. i tried putting a "not" in condition but its not working. here is my code:

Dim builderTitle, builderAuthor, builderEdition, builderPublisher, builderISBN As New StringBuilder()
    Dim reader As New StringReader(txtOCR.Text)
    Dim titles() As String = {"the", "a", "an", "of", "introduction", "fundamentals", "basic", "modern", "principles",
                              "about", "above", "according", "across", "after", "against", "along", "among", "apart",
                              "around", "as", "at", "because", "before", "behind", "below", "beneath", "beside", "between",
                              "beyond", "but", "concerning", "despite", "down", "during", "except", "except for", "excepting",
                              "for", "from", "in", "inside", "into", "like", "near", "next", "off", "on", "onto", "out",
                              "outside", "over", "past", "regarding", "round", "since", "through", "throughout", "till",
                              "to", "toward", "under", "underneath", "unlike", "until", "up", "upon", "with", "within", "without"}

    Dim edition() As String = {"edition", "ed", "ed.", "Volume", "vol.", "vol", "course", "revised"}

    Dim regexTitle As New Regex("\b" & String.Join("\b|\b", titles) & "\b", RegexOptions.IgnoreCase)
    Dim regexEdition As New Regex("\b" & String.Join("\b|\b", edition) & "\b", RegexOptions.IgnoreCase)

    While True
        Dim line As String = reader.ReadLine()
        If line Is Nothing Then Exit While
        Dim WordCount = New Regex("\w+").Matches(line).Count
        Dim regexAuthor As New Regex("^([A-Z]\. )", RegexOptions.IgnoreCase)

        ElseIf WordCount = 1 And Not regexTitle.IsMatch(line) And Not regexAuthor.IsMatch(line) And Not regexEdition.IsMatch(line) Then
        End If

    End While
    txtTitle.Text = builderTitle.ToString()
    txtAuthor.Text = builderAuthor.ToString()
    txtEdition.Text = builderEdition.ToString()


how to check if the string line contains a word in the string arrays? i dont want to use String.Contains since it only search for characters not the whole word. I built a regex for searching the whole word in the array but i dont know how to use that to negate in a condition. i hope this explanation is clearer.

if word found string array then
'....nothing to put here i just want the else to be executed
txtAuthor.text = word
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Hint: Rather than use a RegEx, Put strings in a HashSet() .... – Mitch Wheat Feb 27 '13 at 1:44
Be more specific about what is "not working" – Explosion Pills Feb 27 '13 at 1:44
@MitchWheat please give me an example what i know HashSet() is just for eliminating same string. – user2107624 Feb 27 '13 at 1:55
Thanks, but I'll let someone else have a go. – Mitch Wheat Feb 27 '13 at 1:56
Welcome to Stack Overflow! I have edited your title. Please see, "Should questions include “tags” in their titles?", where the consensus is "no, they should not". – John Saunders Feb 27 '13 at 2:39

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