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I have a bunch of images that have different dimensions. Compass is great with compiling all the files into a single sprite, generating classes from their filenames and applying the background-position to them.

Is it possible to have Compass also apply width and height properties to those generated classes?

$iconsWithDifferentDimensions-layout: smart;
@import "iconsWithDifferentDimensions/*.png";
@include all-iconsWithDifferentDimensions-sprites;
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Yes. Set this magic variable before your @import line:

$iconsWithDifferentDimensions-sprite-dimensions: true;

And Compass will include the width and height of each icon in the sprite.

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This answer has more insight to it: stackoverflow.com/a/7139117/1001109 –  moraleida Feb 4 '14 at 15:38

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