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So far I have my routes like this: ( out of learning purposes I am curious to get it working with nested resources technique, but if you think this will get too complicated please feel free to suggest any other way of routing technique too)

  resources :management, only: [:show] do
    resources :report, only: [:show], controller: 'report' do
      member do
         # hmm what to write in here?!

my GOAL is to have a URL like this:


But still can't figure out how exactly to write that route? Can you please take a look?

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You don't need nested resources.

resources :crowd_management, only: [:show] do
  get :exec_report, on: :member

That will produce:

/crowd_management/:id mapped to CrowdManagementController#show /crowd_management/:id/exec_report mapped to CrowdManagementController#exec_report

The helper methods will be:


You can run rake routes for a detailed list of all your routes.

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is this way of nesting, the ones you have and the even the second non-working one that I had, are these really meant for stuff that have a has_many, belongs_to relation? like Article and Comments... Because in my case the nature of "manager" and "report" is not really like that at all . So still would be viable to do it with nested? or my own one liner route was good too? – – user1899082 Feb 27 '13 at 4:38
I think there are two different things here. There is resource routing, as in my answer. You can pass additional routes to a block under "resources" but this isn't really nesting. Then there is nested resource routing, as in your example, when there is a "resources" inside of another "resources" and yes this is usually for "has_many" relationships. – Benjamin Sullivan Feb 27 '13 at 9:29
If you're saying that "manager" and "report" aren't associated with each other, then why do you want a path like "/crowd_management/:id/exec_report"? That kind of path would suggest that they are associated. – Benjamin Sullivan Feb 27 '13 at 9:31

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