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I currently suppress the nagging from eclipse about the use of raw types in this snippet

@SuppressWarnings({ "rawtypes" })
List doSomething(Integer arg1, ...) {

I am actually returning a raw type List generated from an old version of Hibernate. Is there any way to change this API to return:


Do I just cast the List to the above ?

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You can usually replace a raw List with a List<?>.

If you know specifically that the items are Object[], you can simply cast

List<Object[]> doSomething(Integer arg1, ...) {
    List rawList = ...
    List<Object[]> cookedList = (List<Object[]>)rawList;
    return cookedList;
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You can change the method signature to:

List<Object> doSomething(Integer arg1, ...) {

With no negative impact to any calling client. Of course, this just removes the need for using the @SuppressWarnings annotation on that method itself. It does nothing for all the warnings you must be getting in other parts of your code that are using raw versions of the List class.

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