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I am trying to add a control that I define in C# to my asp code, by doing this in my code:

<% this.Controls.Add(blah.GetControl()); %>

but I get the error: The TargetControlID of 'a8f08c40d0fab104ca20b1460ee1cbdd1e121' is not valid. The value cannot be null or empty.

Thats the controls GUID that I randomly generate in the get method.

Any explanation as to why I am getting it? Is what I am doing even allowed - putting that code above into my aspx file?

Edit: Additional code for the new ID problem:

    <div id="divDetailsContent" style="width:100%">
<% this.Controls.Add(blah.GetControl("divDetailsContent")); %>
public static blah GetControl(n)
blah.TargetID = n;
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in blah.GetControl() you are instantiating a control with ID 'a8f08c40d0fab104ca20b1460ee1cbdd1e121'. This control is of a type that has a property TargetControlID like for instance the Accordion control. So you will need to set this TargetControlID to a valid id of a control as well in the GetControl. So set both ID and TargetontrolID.

update: you can get the id with the ClientID property. This contains the full ID as it's rendered in the HTML.

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You are absolutely 100% correct thank you! The problem I have now is that my target control is a div with an ID, and putting the div's ID in doesn't work, presumably because the div's real ID is not the one I set in code, but something like "ct100$MyDivName". Do you know how I can use a div as the target? Before I generated the control dynamically, the target was a div and it worked okay. – SLC Oct 2 '09 at 15:53
I'm not sure how... Typing the div id and a dot doesnt generate any intellisense because it's not an asp control. – SLC Oct 2 '09 at 15:58
Was missing a runat=server from my div... The TargetControlID of 'aab822f2d0cace04' is not valid. A control with ID 'ctl00_MainContentPlaceHolder_divDetailsContent' could not be found. ClientID doesn't seem to work though. – SLC Oct 2 '09 at 16:07
asking this in a new question, thanks for your help – SLC Oct 2 '09 at 16:13

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