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I am using a 3rd party WPF control whose MVVM support relies on dependency properties on the VM it is bound to. The sample that comes with the control uses a ViewModelBase class derived from DependencyObject so all is well.

My ViewModelBase implements INotifyPropertyChanged and for various reasons it is unrealistic to change it to DependencyObject.

My question is how do I use my ViewModels with this WPF control? I guess what I need is something like "embedding a dependencyobject" or "plugging dependency properties" in a plain old ViewModel.

By the way my MVVM application is interface based, i.e. everywhere SomeViewModel is ISomeViewModel.

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In general, a properly designed control shouldn't require binding to a DependencyProperty, as a DP can bind to any property without issue. As such, I'd revisit whether this is truly a bug in the control implementation first, and correct that.

However, if you must do this, realize you're going to violate MVVM - using DependencyObject within a ViewModel is, by its very nature, injecting view specific framework elements into the VM. Once you decide you're okay with doing this, you can always have your ViewModel expose a DependencyObject as a property, and bind to a DependencyProperty defined on that DependencyObject instead of directly to your VM's property.

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