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Dumb: Answered below. Useful for posterity, I guess.

I would have thought this would be a common occurrence and I'd find some information regarding this but no luck with searching so far.

I have a simple project that uses Caliburn.Micro. I split out some shared non-Caliburn-dependent code in a shared library (Core). I then created a background agent and referenced Core only. I'm also required to reference the background agent project in my foreground project(s).

Only my foreground projects depend on Caliburn.

The app builds, runs, and my agent runs on my phone. However, XAP validation fails:

[ERROR]: Unsupported API cannot be used by a background agent. Assembly Caliburn.Micro.dll was trying to use [whatever]

Now, I understand if my shared library was calling Caliburn but it has no dependency, it's simply that Caliburn is included in the bin\Release and inside the XAP.

I can't believe no one has released a Caliburn-powered app that didn't have a background agent, so how can I solve this? I can understand splitting out Unsupported API code into a separate library, but no code called from the agent or Core calls Caliburn APIs.

For reference, my project structure:

 |_WP71___v________^          ^
 |        |                   |
 |_WP80 __|___________________|

Sorry for the ASCII art.

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Oh God, I'm an idiot.

For posterity:

If you have previously referenced Caliburn in your BackgroundAgent since you, like me, weren't as well-informed, CLEAN THE WHOLE SOLUTION. After cleaning all the bin directories, XAP validation passes now.


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