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I'm use the new Google Maps SDK for iOS.

Can i get true coordinate form GMSMapView.center ? now it return value of CGPoint but this not true coordinate.

Thank and Regards.

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3 Answers

Are you looking for mapView.camera.target? This is a CLLocationCoordinate2D.

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Use the projection method - (CLLocationCoordinate2D)coordinateForPoint:(CGPoint)pointof the mapview to convert a point in the map to the geological coordinates

CGPoint point = mapView.center;
CLLocationCoordinate2D coor = [mapView.projection coordinateForPoint:point];
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I suggest to use [yourMapView.camera target] instead of Jing's solution.

Jing's solution work find on iOS 6, but maybe having issue on iOS 7/7.1, the projection may report wrong coordinate (a bit downward shift) ! I have checked the map bounds and padding is correct, both result of [projection pointForCoordinate: coordinate] and [projection coordinateForPoint:point] can contrast to each other, no ideas where the problem is...

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+1 more simple solution –  Bobby Stenly Apr 8 at 13:19
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