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I am using Xamarin.IOS to develop an iOS mobile app. I have an existing native Storyboard that I am trying to utilize. Is it possible to import an existing Xcode Storyboard into the Xamarin project?

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This will get you started:

  1. Add the storyboard files to your project
  2. Open project Options; add reference to storyboard in IOS Application => iPhone / iPod Deployment Info => Main Interface
  3. Add attribute [Register ("YourViewController")] to class declaration. Add outlets, etc.

If you want the project to have similar structure to the way Xamarin Studio would have created the project, put your Register attribute and outlets, etc, in a separate partial class file named YourViewController.designer.cs and move it under the main class file (drag it onto the main class file).

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I had the excercise to rename a solution. This is currently not possible. Therefore I created a new solution (with the final name I wanted to have). In Xamarin Studio I added the files (view controller together with designer.cs files, storyboards, ...). Don't copy it in the file structure only because it's somehow stored in the project options. The designer.cs files have to be put under the view controller files to get the same structure Xamarin uses.

To get everything to work you have to adapt the namespace in the view controller and in the designer.cs files! You should make shure that the correct storyboards are loaded (Project options -> iOS Application -> iPhone/iPod Deployment Info -> Main Interface) as Terry Westley stated.

You could also load the storyboard by code

Storyboard = UIStoryboard.FromName ("MainStoryboard_iPhone", null);

Now my view controller and storyboard works as expected.

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Have a look at the links shown below -:



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This just shows how to build a Storyboard. I am trying to import an existing storyboard with view controls, graphics, and segues. I got the view controls and graphics in there, but the segues broke. Simply replacing the storyboard file is not working –  Rob Feb 27 '13 at 15:22
ok.... i'll try to provide you the required solutions ASAP –  Vineet Singh Feb 28 '13 at 4:51

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