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I have a backbone jquery mobile app in which i want to use mobiscroll date picker. I tried include it in the head tag.

TypeError: Cannot read property 'widget' of undefined 

But i am getting this error.

Is mobiscroll require js compatible ? How can i load it to use it within my views directly ?

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can you show us related codes as well ? – Raptor Feb 27 '13 at 4:06

Make sure you're including Mobi Pick's JS file after Jquery Mobile.

I'm new to jQuery Mobile and realized I did that mistake just now. This solved it for me.

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Just include mobiscroll the same way you include jquery and set the dependency on jquery. I'm posting here an example how you can include mobiscroll with require.js:

    paths: {
      jquery: 'vendor/jquery/jquery.min'
      mobiscroll: 'vendor/mobiscroll/mobiscroll..min'
    shim: {
          exports: "jquery"
          deps: ['jquery'],
          exports: "mobiscroll"
require(['domReady','app', 'mobiscroll'],
   function(domReady, App){
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