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I am attempting to deploy my web application to the FatFractal Cloud server, and the

ffef deployFFFabric

command-line tool is returning the following error:

Deployment response code : 400

Failed to deploy : reason [400: ffPermissions: User mv0KsSPKJe4gdAhbmxD3w6 does not have permission to deploy Application with context: ToDos to Domain: testing.]

When I log in to the FatFractal Console, my ToDos application is listed as belonging to my testing subdomain, so I am sure that they are both registered under my FatFractal user account. In addition, I am able to successfully deploy this application on my localhost using ffef deploylocal.

Any ideas as to why this error may be occurring and/or what steps I could take to troubleshoot the cause?

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Sounds like your PEM got corrupted somehow. Try deleting it:

rm /install/path/FatFractal_Runtime/conf/.pem

Now, the next time you run ffef deployFFFabric, it will prompt you for your FatFractal login information again and regenerate the PEM.

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