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I'm using GoDaddy Deluxe Plan Hosting and SubSonic 3.0. I have problem with Security Exception.

I searched the net and found several older solutions, like this one: (this one is from 2 years ago)

I tried this and I still could not manage to make it working...

Can someone please confirm that SubSonic now (2009/October) works on GoDaddy hosting?

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There is currently a bug that causes issues when running in MediumTrust, I expect that's what you're coming up against. The bug is being worked on at the moment:

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I don't know if this helps?...But Ive found that on GoDaddy, apnet websites designed to run on medium trust generate unexpected errors when on the DELUXE plan but ran fine in the UNLIMITED plan.

I had similar 'security' exceptions when hosting mywebpages starterkit, but the exceptions 'magically disappeared when i switched to unlimitted.

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