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I've just installed Git on my production server and am hoping to get GitWeb working with it. I became very interested in getting it to work when I stumbled across a tutorial showing how to make git web work using...

git instaweb -d webrick --start

It works exactly as described in the tutorial at ... http://lostechies.com/jasonmeridth/2009/09/27/git-instaweb/

However after reading other forums it seems like instaweb is not really meant to be used and instead I should set up GitWeb to run on Apache.

I am fairly new to Apache so am not very familiar with what I should be doing. I've been following the tutorial at http://unix-heaven.org/node/31 . But i don't think I need all of it. I think the only thing I need to do is put the following in my httpd.conf file...

<VirtualHost *:80>
    ServerAdmin <a href="mailto:admin@example.org">admin@example.org</a>
    ServerName git.example.org
    ServerAlias git-pub.example.org
    RedirectMatch ^/$ /gitweb.cgi
    SetEnv GITWEB_PROJECTROOT /cvs/codeRepository/git

    Alias /gitweb.js                /srv/www/gitweb/static/gitweb.js
    Alias /gitweb.css               /srv/www/gitweb/static/gitweb.css
    Alias /git-logo.png             /srv/www/gitweb/static/git-logo.png
    Alias /git-favicon.png           /srv/www/gitweb/static/git-favicon.png

    ScriptAlias / "/srv/www/gitweb/"

    <Directory "/srv/www/gitweb/">
        AllowOverride None
        Options Indexes FollowSymLinks ExecCGI
        Order allow,deny
        Allow from all

    ErrorLog "/var/log/apache2/httpd-git-pub.example.org-access.log"
    CustomLog "/var/log/apache2/httpd-git-pub.example.org-error.log" common

Where /srv/www/gitweb/ contains....

$:/srv/www/gitweb # ls -ltr
total 252
-rwx------ 1 root root 247917 Feb 27 15:02 gitweb.cgi
drwx------ 2 root root   4096 Feb 27 15:03 static

Will the config I've specified above work or I need to specify ? And if so what url will I access GitWeb at? Do I need serverName, serverAlias and serverAdmin?

Thanks for your help

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What is missing? –  VonC Mar 13 '13 at 10:04
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The url you would use would be


But I am not so sure about your config. Mine is simpler, and I always recommend an address like http(s)://yourServer/gitweb, instead of just http(s)://yourServer/: if you need to add more services, you can add more root url (like /gitweb).

For a quick http access without authentication:

# GitWeb on 80
Listen 80
<VirtualHost *:80>

  ServerName git.example.org
  ServerAlias git-pub.example.org

  SetEnv GITWEB_PROJECTROOT /cvs/codeRepository/git
  SetEnv GIT_HTTP_BACKEND "/usr/local/apps/git/libexec/git-core/git-http-backend"

  DocumentRoot /srv/www/gitweb
  Alias /gitweb /srv/www/gitweb

  <Directory /srv/www/gitweb>

    Options ExecCGI +FollowSymLinks +SymLinksIfOwnerMatch
    AllowOverride All
    order allow,deny
    Allow from all

    AddHandler cgi-script cgi
    DirectoryIndex gitweb.cgi


  BrowserMatch ".*MSIE.*" \
    nokeepalive ssl-unclean-shutdown \
    downgrade-1.0 force-response-1.0

  LogLevel Info
  ErrorLog "/var/log/apache2/gitweb_error_log"
  TransferLog "/var/log/apache2/gitweb_access_log"


Note: in my original config file (which is a template, with placeholder values like @PORT_HTTP_GITWEB@), I didn't use GITWEB_PROJECTROOT because I am calling Gitolite, which knows where the Git repos are.

I do set a variable in the gitweb.conf file, though, which plays the same role than GITWEB_PROJECTROOT, according to the gitweb documentation:


Absolute filesystem path which will be prepended to project path; the path to repository is $projectroot/$project.
Set to $GITWEB_PROJECTROOT during installation.
This variable has to be set correctly for gitweb to find repositories.

For example, if $projectroot is set to "/srv/git" by putting the following in gitweb config file:

our $projectroot = "/srv/git";



and its path_info based equivalent


will map to the path '/srv/git/foo/bar.git' on the filesystem.

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Some questions... Why have you omitted GITWEB_PROJECTROOT ? Is that because it is specified in gitweb.cgi using the our $projectroot definition? And Listen @PORT_HTTP_GITWEB@ should just be List 8080 right? My http port? Or is it a port specific to GitWeb. Thanks again –  Richie Feb 27 '13 at 23:58
@user1600419 I have edited my answer to add GITWEB_PROJECTROOT and to explain why it wasn't there in the first place. And yes, @PORT_HTTP_GITWEB@ is a placeholder value in a template file, for you to replace by the port of your choosing. I have edited the answer to replace it by (for instance) port 80. –  VonC Feb 28 '13 at 6:46
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